Product campaign

︎︎︎ ART DIRECTION: Pim van Bommel
︎︎︎ COPY: Chris Groelle
︎︎︎ GRAPHIC DESIGN: Vincent Botman
︎︎︎ MOTION DESIGN: Vincent Botman, Jeroen Feenstra
︎︎︎ AGENCY PRODUCERS: Dennis Gijsbers, Kimberley English
︎︎︎ CREATIVE DIRECTION: Manuel di Tolve
︎︎︎ PM / ACCOUNT: Lotte van der Leegte, Thomas van Slooten

︎︎︎ PRODUCTION COMPANY: Initials L.A (Belgium)
︎︎︎ PHOTOGRAPHY: Sophie Hemels
︎︎︎ EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Lise Everaert
︎︎︎ DIRECTOR: Sophie Hemels, Pim van Bommel
︎︎︎ DOP: Kamiel Doens
︎︎︎ EDIT: Pieter Bokhorst
︎︎︎ RETOUCHE: Ruud van Doorn

The Winora F.U.B. or Family Utility Bike is for real, contemporary families. They are  parents yet individuals. They’re aware of their footprint yet know they are imperfect.  

The F.U.B. is made to carry your most important things to where your life happens – the zoo or the beach, jam sessions or your first gallery opening. It’s filled with the things, family and cargo, which add up to the moments that become cherished memories.